Ingrid Mareckova

French & Communication Training

I first met Tamara in October of 2008 while looking for someone to help me refresh my French language skills. Although determined to get my French back on track, I was very terrified of having to spend hours and hours of studying vocabulary at home. With the little spare time I had at the time, I was not ready to make myself “suffer” even more. I was very curious of if and how this was going to work. Needless to say, it worked. Tamara managed to put the lessons together personalized to my specific needs and wishes; our regular get-togethers included anything from reading French books through listening to and interpreting French music. It turned out to be an effective and fun way to refresh my French.

In addition to working on my French, Tamara has also been coaching me on interpersonal and professional communication skills. Through tailored communication skill development, Tamara helped me raise my personal confidence and professional success. I have learned to remove my self-doubt and become a more confident and effective communicator. 

Tamara is an intelligent, capable and personable young woman. She is extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people. It has been a real pleasure to get to know her and Filou. 

Thank you for everything Tam!